At Zealous Creative, we love telling stories. Whether that’s live-action video, animation, or books, we’re passionate about making emotional connections with our audience.

Our films have gone viral online, picked up 37 international film festival awards, and have been nominated for an Australian AFI and Academy Award. We’re especially proud of our film Zero, which has been used in schools to teach social justice issues. The Simpson’s Matt Groening also watched Zero saying he was “thoroughly entertained from beginning to end”! Now, the Zero story continues in a heartwarming graphic novel.

Another of our films, The Maker, has garnered such a following, it inspired a diversity of fan projects, including illustrations, paintings, costumes, a game, a cake, and even tattoos! Because the film has been so popular, we expanded the world into a novel called The Magnum Opus, which won three awards and is rated five stars on Amazon.

If you’re looking for a team of zealous creatives to work on your next project, we’d love to chat.