I’ve spoken about a thought a day come what may in another video. But object writing is another technique that I use.

Every day for 5-10 minutes you sit and pick an object. Anything… a cup, a chair, a car — you get it.

Then, write about that object. Set a timer. Write from your senses, smell, sight, sound, taste and feel.

How do you feel emotionally about it? Does it take you to another place or time?

Describe its colour, its size, its shape. Use adjectives, be flowery, be over the top.

Don’t judge, just write. Write from your heart – and that’s it.

I would sometimes use actual people or events too. It can be a form of therapy if you like!

Its basically like a word vomit or structured journaling with the intention of harnessing your creativity.

Its about regularly flexing that creative muscle memory so you can call upon that ability when it counts.

And when you re-read your notes, you may even discover some little gems.

What other writing techniques do you use to get your creative juices flowing?