After my father’s death, I spent a lot of time alone wrapping the Zero puppets. It was incredibly meditative work. Never tedious. Having worked in corporate jobs for over a decade – that was tedious.

This was a joy. I listened to way too many conspiracy theories about UFOs and September 11, whilst breathing in way too much silicone glue.

But also at that time Oprah Winfrey was going through her Power of Now phase and Eckhart Tolle’s words really brought a deep level of gratitude to that moment.

I lost myself in the now – wrapping, gluing and being so grateful that I got to work on such a special project.

Whilst I mourned the death of my father, I found solace in work and the peace it brought me.

I knew that we were making a beautiful story. At the time I hoped it would entertain people, and make them laugh and cry. I had no idea, no concept of how far-reaching our little tale would be.

By immersing myself in my art, I was able to move through my own grief.

Whether you create or appreciate art, it can heal.

What has brought you peace during your darkest times?