I recall it vividly, our family travelled in our white 70’s Valiant to Sydney to see Steven Spielberg’s E.T.

I walked into the Theatre Royal in all its Art Deco Speldor – red velvet flowing curtains, golden balustrades and deco tiles and statues.

We watched E.T. complete with an intermission. I was transfixed. Mainly because of Gerty. I wanted to be Gerty. I wanted to be a part of storytelling like that little girl on the screen.

That experience coloured my love for film, music, theatre and for storytelling.

I was so disappointed when Gandhi beat E.T. for the Osar that year.

And in a full-circle-moment, many years later we accepted the Sydney Film festival’s Best Animated Short Film award for our film The Maker, on that very stage.

Who or what inspired your desire to be a creative?