After we released our film The Maker, we received a freaky email from a cameraman and photographer in Germany named Artem Selennov.

He told us that a few years ago, he worked on a music video with a striking resemblance to our film, but given the fact that both films were in production on different sides of the world around the same time, there’s no possibility that either creative team were aware of each other’s projects.

While we’ve seen people intentionally copy our story like in the linked video below [like in the video linked in the description], this is a completely different situation. And stories that loop aren’t original to us, but the fact that we had similar themes like a rustic workshop, frantically working from plans, racing against time, making a replacement and repeating the process is pretty amazing.

Oh, and we also had a dance sequence planned for our film that we cut at the last minute.

You can watch their full music video on YouTube.

So what’s the right word to describe this phenomenon. Is it a coincidence? Zeitgeist? Serendipity? Synchronicity? Or is there a Maker multiverse?