Not long after The Maker went viral, something very special started to happen. Fans of the film started to create – fan art.

Now fan art is commonplace for movies and TV shows and computer games, but not so much for short films. So when people started to send us their work, we felt so appreciative that people were using their insane talents to honour our film.

This includes:

    • Illustrations
    • Paintings
    • 3D models
    • Cosplay
    • A cake
    • Maker dolls
    • An orchestra played the music
    • A drummer played along to the score
    • A face painting
    • The Maker workshop recreated in Roblox
    • Tattoos

You can find these and so many more on our Zealous Creative Instagram.

Oh and we forgot to mention, different filmmakers have also created live-action adaptions of our film. But we’ll do another video on that.