If a script brings a story idea to life, storyboards are basically still images that bring a script to life.

The storyboard helps visualise the entire film and get a better understanding of how many characters you have in each scene, what sets need to be built and what your camera set-ups look like.

Here’s the storyboard that Christopher, the Director of Zero created which breaks out each scene from the script into a visual representation of what will be on the screen. Storyboards are traditionally hand-drawn, but Christopher created this one using a 3D program as he enjoyed the flexibility of creating a scene and moving the camera around to find the best shot.

Once this was completed, Christopher sat down with the film’s cinematographer, Matt Horex, and talked through each scene. Leaning on Matt’s years of industry experience, Christopher then made adjustments to lock in the final shots.

We then turned this storyboard into an animatic and a production shot list, which we talk about in our other videos. Be sure to check them out.