Many of the scenes in our film were outdoors and required grass as part of the set.

Christopher, the Director and I, went to our big chain fabric store to find a suitable material for this, and we both absolutely fell in love with this one particular sample.

It was a luscious green, short-haired fur with a darker underbelly, that looked exactly like grass on camera.

The only problem was that they were off-cuts found in the bargain bins, and they only had a few left in the store.

Christopher suggested we find an alternative but I was obsessed with how it looked and couldn’t let it go.

I called every store in Sydney and beyond and begged the people on the phone to search their bargain bins for me.

Thankfully, they humoured me and after I had my hit list, I drove about 196km from store to store to pick them up.

In the end, it was well worth the effort as the sets turned out great!