Film Festivals & Event Coordinators

Are you interested in screening Zero or The Maker at your festival or event? If so, thank you! We truly appreciate your consideration.

We just have a few conditions that we’d like you to agree to. If you’re cool with them, then we’re happy for you to proceed.


  • Invitations to submit must come with fee waivers, i.e no entry fees.
  • We won’t send a DVD screener for you to preview, especially now that you can watch our films for free online.
  • You can download the marketing material for each film on their respective pages. You’re welcome to use the images/text/trailer to promote the film at your event.
  • We won’t be filling out any film festival submission/application forms.
  • You must agree to only show our films for the purposes of your festival or event. You can not broadcast it on TV, add it to a DVD for sale/distribution or put the film online in part or whole.
  • You can not alter the film in any way, including truncating the credits.
  • If you decide you’d like to screen Zero or The Maker at a film festival, you must purchase the 1080p version for $2.99. This grants you unlimited screenings for the duration of the festival dates (but no more than 2 weeks). You still need to contact us for permission and let us know where you’d like to screen the film, this just allows us to keep track of where they’re being shown.
  • If you’d like to re-screen one of our films after the festival (say for a Best Of or different location a few months later), you must contact us for permission and pay another $2.99 license fee.
  • Festivals, please don’t email requesting a waiver of the $2.99 saying “You don’t have the budget” or are a “not for profit”. We had no budget when we made this film but still managed to find a way to get it done 🙂
  • If you’d like to screen our films somewhere other than a festival (TV, Cinema, Exhibition, Gallery, other), please contact us with your details to obtain a licensing fee for your event. Be sure to include as much detail as you can including start and end dates and whether your event is commercial or not for profit.

That’s it, thanks for your understanding and we hope to hear from you soon.