A musical journey of a young medium who longs to fit in.


In-between writing novels and making comic books, Zealous Creative have returned to producing films with a new animation, and it’s otherworldly!

In collaboration with District 97, a Chicago-based Modern Progressive Rock band, they’ve created an 11-minute music video for D97’s epic rock ballad, Ghost Girl. The film is a musical journey about a little girl who longs to fit in. The only problem? She’s terrorized by malevolent spirits, and nobody believes her—except for her loving but overbearing mother.

When Christopher Kezelos, the film’s Director, first heard the song, he was instantly drawn into the disturbing tale of a young medium terrorized by evil spirits and the epic highs and lows of this sweeping track.

“Every line of the song conjured haunting and beautiful images in my mind that I wanted to bring to the screen,” Kezelos says. “I wanted each scene to feel like a beautiful cinemagraph. A memory captured in time, with a hint of motion that draws you into Ghost Girl’s world. We peek into her diary as she shares her intimate secrets with the viewer. I hope that her tale of transformation resonates with audiences struggling with their own demons.”

Producer Christine Kezelos said, “We were very excited to work on this project with our long time collaborators, including Hoa Han, who illustrated their graphic novel, Zero: The Beginning, and Creative Director Brett Bimson and Justin Alverez from Monkeyhut VFX, who both worked on our viral films, Zero, and The Maker. Despite the global pandemic, everyone went above and beyond working on this project remotely and collaborating online to great effect.”

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