Zero: The Beginning


With over 22-million views on YouTube, the multi-award-winning Zero short film is a hit with viewers. Watch it free.

Now, read the epic conclusion of the Zero story in this beautifully illustrated 100-page graphic novel. Join Zero and his family in a tale of unity, injustice, and revolution.

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There once was a town in a far-away land where the folk were made entirely from yarn, woven from top-to-toe complete with a big bold number on their chests. The law of their land decreed that these fabric digits determined everyone’s value and place in society. That is until a forbidden union between two Zeros lead to the birth of conjoined twins, fused with the mark of Infinity. This powerful symbol challenged everything the townsfolk thought they knew.

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Dimensions6.62 × 10.25 × 0.25 in
Written by

Christopher & Christine Kezelos

Illustrated by

Hoa Han


Paperback, eBook




Black & White